What Is The Importance of Chemistry In Biotechnology?

Chemistry is a major part of biotechnology. Most of the reactions and processes that are found in biotechnology are based on chemistry, for example, nanotechnology. Also, chemistry provides the ground under which different processes and reactions are explained as they take place.

Chemistry is the source of all the major discoveries, concepts, and also the advances found in the field of biotechnology. Therefore, these two fields have been both linked to each other in different fronts.

 Importance of Chemistry In Biotechnology

Through forming a baseline for numerous biotechnology concepts, chemistry is an essential part in biotechnology. The following are some of the importance associated with chemistry in biotechnology:

1) Explanation of the Chemical Processes

Different processes such as food formation processes, fermentation and formation of alcohol and beer, polymerization, and chemical bonding are explained in the way that elements are mixed to form different compounds.

These concepts and processes show the interaction of bio-molecules and elements to form compounds. Chemistry provides explanation of chemical processes in the material sciences. This shows the importance of chemistry in biotechnology.

2) Denoting the Elements and Compounds in Biotechnology

Many elements in biotechnology are denoted using their chemical names and phrases. In biotechnology, some elements may not be easily denoted. Therefore, observations and interpretation is the easiest way through which elements and compounds can be denoted.

Normally, chemical properties are used to acknowledge the presence of elements and compounds such as acids, gases, water, and chemical products. These properties include: smell, physical appearance, taste, and even velocity.

3) Chemical Reactions are Heavily involved in Biotechnology

Different chemical reactions such as nano particle hydrophobic coating, polymerization, rusting, hydrogenation, and chemical bonding can only be explained through chemistry. All these processes are usually used to understand and also apply biotechnology.

4) For Improvement of Health Care and Medicine

Medicines and health care processes are as a result of use of elements to make manufacture medicine and drugs. The medicinal industries heavily employ biotechnology to develop new pharmaceuticals which can be used to deal with diseases and conditions.

Drugs and medicine usually contain a mixture of different elements such as iron, calcium, magnesium, and zinc among many others. These elements are mixed according to their requirements to cure diseases and conditions or according to their deficiency in the body.

5) Chemistry is Useful in Biorefinery

Biorefinery is a biotechnological process which aims at producing renewable feedstock in a bid to provide alternative solutions for the petroleum products which are used rampantly in the world.

The process encompasses chemical reactions through which items such as corn, switch grass, miscanthus, giant reed, and energy cane are refined to make biofuels such as biodiesel. This process is a representation of how chemistry is heavily used in biotechnology.


Numerous concepts, processes, and reactions that are found in biotechnology originated initially from chemistry. Thus, chemistry makes it easy to learn and understand biotechnology and its entire concepts. Individuals with deep knowledge in chemistry can easily learn and apply biotechnology in various aspects of life.