Ways to Remove Pet Hair

If you have a pet such as rabbit, cat, or dog, fur/pet hair may be one of the challenges facing you in your house. Pet hair usually clings onto the surfaces of items such as furniture, house corners or spaces, rug, carpet, shoes, or tools in the house.

Removing pet hair on these items is usually difficult. Pets can be able to access corners or spaces that even your hand cannot fit in. Also, pet hair is fond of attaching onto items in a way that is difficult to remove by usual cleaning means.

Remove Pet Hair

There are several ways which you can use to remove pet hair from items in the house. They include:

1) Vacuum Cleaner Pet Hair Removal

Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Pet hair on your leather sofa or any other type of furniture may be quite embarrassing. This may be much if the pet’s hair has a different color from that of the furniture. This makes it easy for everyone to see it.

The use of vacuum cleaner to remove pet hair from different parts in the house is one of the most effective methods. Vacuum cleaner draws everything including small particles and hairs from all the parts of the house including corners, cracks, and small spaces.

The vacuum cleaner has a lot of pressure which draws the pet hair from all surfaces where it is attached. It can effectively remove pet hair from furniture surfaces, tools, shoes, rugs, and on the carpets. This leaves the surfaces clean and with their initial colors.

2) Use of Rubber Gloves

Ways to Remove Pet Hair

Rubber gloves also present a method through which you can get rid of pet hair in your hair. Before you remove the pet hair on the surfaces, you need to clean the surfaces well and ensure that they are clean and dry.

Put on the rubber gloves onto your hands and rub them over the surfaces. Normally, the rubber gloves create a friction with static energy which draws the hair off from the surfaces of the items in the house. However, this method only works with items which have flat surfaces such as furniture and carpets.

3) Use of Dryer Sheet

Ways to Remove Pet Hair

This is a proactive method which prevents the pet hair from initially landing onto the surfaces of items. You need to use a rubric softener sheet to attract and remove lose and detached hair which is on the body of your pet. This method is better than necessarily brushing the pet to remove hairs. By removing the hair, your pet will pose no harm of leaving his/her hair behind on the surfaces of the items in your house.

4) Use of Kitchen Sponge

Ways to Remove Pet Hair

This is a simple method of pet hair removal on surfaces of items such as couches. Ensure that your kitchen sponge is clean and completely dry. Run the kitchen sponge gently over the surface of the couch. Eventually, the sponge attracts the hair from the surfaces.


Pet hair may replace the initial appearance of items such as furniture in your house by adding colors and clinging onto their surfaces. Discouraging your pet from sleeping or playing on the furniture or other items in the house may help in controlling the presence of fur on surfaces. This may be achieved by thoroughly training your pet.