Superior Profiling of Cancer, Cardiovascular, and Other Disease Biomarkers

Bio-Rad, has developed the Bio-plex assay to help in the management of inflammations. Of the ten main causes of mortality in human beings, seven of them are made lethal by inflammation. This means that without inflammation these diseases would probably not be on the top ten list of the causes of human mortality. In itself, therefore, inflammation is an important factor in human mortality. Allergies, wounds and other infectious diseases are worsened by inflammations. Major diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, diabetes, metabolic disorders and neurological diseases are some of the diseases that are aggravated and often made fatal by inflammations.

If there was a way of controlling such inflammations, many lives can be saved. It is for this reason that, among other things, important biomarkers on inflammation should be isolated and studied. For this isolation to be possible, the right equipment and reagents have to be available. Identification of these biomarkers is an important process for the development of cure for the inflammations. Many companies have developed the assays necessary for meeting this need.

It is for the purpose of meeting this need and sealing gaps left by other manufacturers that Bio-Rad laboratories developed Bio-Plex Pro Human Inflammation Panels. This product allows for the detection of the largest set of inflammation biomarkers yet by a single product. The number of biomarkers it is able to detect are 37. These biomarkers are from different types of proteins including the TNF proteins. Other proteins involved include MMPs, IFN and Treg cytokines.

The number and types of biomarkers that this these assays target make them economical in terms of finances and time. This is because some of the other assays only target a single family of proteins. This means that in case the targeted biomarkers are found absent, new assays have to be used and new tests conducted. Time is further saved by the use of magnetic beads. The assay protocols used with bio-plex are also the fastest in the market. The result of the magnetic beads and fast assay protocols is that the results are usually out in three and a half hours.

Over and above economy, the Bio Plex assay is packaged in different quantities which makes it possible for users at different levels of need to order. The assays are also available in either premixed state or in a state where the user is expected to mix them himself. To make it easy to use, the manufacturer has made it such that the dilution factor is the same for all the targeted biomarkers the advantage it offers emanates from the simple set-up this single dilution factor allows.

Bio-Plex is developed in such a manner that the data from the sample falls within an area where it can be quantified. This allows the assay to encompass the biological range. It is only data that falls within the biological range that can be made use of in a research setting. Thus Bio-Plex can be used for more scientific and research reasons unlike other assays whose data cannot qualify for use in a research setting.

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