Key Low-Pressure Shower Head Advantages

Key Low-Pressure Shower Head Advantages

Current shower heads are rated by their ability to reduce water wastage and also spray the water effectively during bathing. This makes your home eco-friendly through saving in the consumption of water and the usage of resources such as money used to pay bills.

The low-pressure shower head has emerged as one of the most effective shower heads in ensuring water saving and effective water production. The shower head emerged into the market recently and it has already proved to be a solution to many homes.

Advantages of Using Low-Pressure Shower Head

The low-pressure shower head has quite a wide range of advantages associated with it. It is modeled in a way to enhance effectiveness and water saving efficiency in homes. The following are specific advantages of the shower head:

1) Effectiveness in Controlled Water Usage

With a low-pressure shower head, you have a solution to water wastage in your home. The shower head is believed to save over 40% of the water utilized for bathing at home. The shower head released 2-2.5 gallons of water per minute compared to 5-8 gallons with the previous shower heads.

Water used for bathing purposes at home accounts up to 25% of the total water used at home. Therefore, by saving a considerable part of this water, the shower head enhances consumption of water to be utilized in later seasons.

2) Energy Efficiency

The shower head requires electric energy in order to warm the water used for bathing. However, with its limited water production through the shower head nozzles, the water which is already warmed can pass the heat to the in-flowing water.

Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of electric energy to warm your bathing water. Eventually, this translates into considerable savings in the amount of money used to pay for the water bills at home.

3) Easy to Install and Maintain

Key Low-Pressure Shower Head Advantages

The shower head comes with manual and all the accessories requires for installation and maintenance. Using the manual, you can easily install the shower head into its required position at the top in the bathroom.

The shower head has well made nozzles which do not easily clog due to water hardness. It also covers the part of the tap to which it is attached to well. Therefore, there is no need to carry out regular repair or replacement.

4) Less Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Low pressure shower head retains the heat with water. Also, it passes heat to in-flowing water for bathing. Therefore, the amount of hot water needed to the shower is lessened. At the same time, energy required to heat water is reduced.

Thus, you do not need to burn a lot of fuel in order to heat the water in the tankless water heater. This results to reduced carbon dioxide emission. Low-pressure shower head has gained popularity due this eco-friendly property.


With a low pressure shower head, you have a solution for water wastage, energy efficiency, and excessive bills in your home. The shower head can result to savings of up to $500 annually. Also, through efficiency in water and energy consumption as well as less carbon dioxide emission, the shower is eco-friendly.