How to Make Your House More Airy

Fresh air is a source of good health and cleanliness especially in the house. Therefore, in order to ensure that your house has fresh air, you must make it airy. This implies making it possible for air to enter into and from your house freely.

All rooms and other parts in your house should freely allow the passage of air from the interior and o the interior. This is only enhanced after making several changes and improvements in your house.

Tips to Making Your House More Airy

The air that present in your house should be fresh and free from any foreign materials. There are several tips that may help you to change some of your activities in your house as well as the appearance of the house in order to make it airy. These include:

1) Wash Your House Carefully

How to Make Your House More Airy

Different parts of your house such as kitchen, bathroom, toilet, carpet, and mats should we handled carefully during cleaning. Be sure to eliminate all the humidity, dust, and any other form of dirt from these areas.

This will remove any foreign odor and materials from the house. Through removal of foreign odor and materials, fresh air can easily move in to occupy the space inside your house. This will make your house more airy.

2) Vacuum Your House Regularly

How to Make Your House More Airy

Vacuum cleaning is the best way to eliminate dust, small particles, and dirt in the house. The presence of dust in parts such as windows, doors, ventilation, or any other air passage channel interferes with quality of the air.

Through vacuum cleaning, you will be able to remove materials which change the air quality such as dust. Also, you will also clear blockages in air passage channels thus allowing air to move in and out of your house.

3) Check the Usage of Different Sprays and Fume Chemicals

Chemicals and sprays such as insecticides, washing chemicals and detergents, anti-fungal spray, and air fresheners may fill the house with stuffiness and mixed odors through adding fumes and odors. However, it is possible for you to limit the usage of such materials in your house as a way of reducing their effect on air entry and occupation in your house.

4) Install an Air Conditioner

How to Make Your House More Airy

For years now, air conditioners have heavily been used as the most perfect solution for air movement in rooms and houses. An air conditioner influences the movement of air inside a room thus allowing air freshening.

At the same time, an air conditioner checks the level of humidity inside a room through regulating the air entering a room. This makes your house better able to receive and release air. You may install a fixed or a portable air conditioner depending on your preference.

5) Check the Air Passage Channels

Every house is constructed with its specific air passage channels. These include: windows, doors, and ventilation among others. Ensure that these channels are spacious and able to let enough air pass through. Also, remove blockages, molds, and mildews formed on these parts. Be sure to prevent any entry of moisture inside your house in order to regulate the humidity level.


An airy house is a major step towards achieving proper health and a clean environment in your house. It enables everyone in the house to live and perform in full energy and easiness. Therefore, making your house airy is an important role for you and your family.