Become an ABT Correspondent

To become an ABT correspondent, one has be either a biotechnology educator at the university level or a student at the same level. Other professionals like the ones working in college laboratories and companies are also invited. Biotech businesses including startups with brilliant ideas are also invited to participate.

The following is the procedure through which a person can become a participant.

a. Theapplicant should subscribe to the blog through this subscription enables them to receive all the blogposts in the blog.

b. After subscription, the applicant should leave a comment on the website indicating that they are interested in becoming contributors. The alternative to this would be sending an email with an expression of interest to

c. The applicant may be required to provide their credentials as biotechnologists to ensure that only people with real interest and capacity are included.

d. Once an application has been accepted, the applicant is then included in the list of official correspondents. Should the new correspondent allow, his or her picture and short bio can be included and displayed in the blog.

Correspondents are allowed to publish a wide array of contributions. They could be outside links to interesting biotechnology information or videos. Podcasts and articles are also allowed as are pictures including selfies. The blog also allows for information that is of a more personals nature such as resume, career aspirations, unpublished works and even fiction. All these are allowed as long as they are related to biotechnology.


The blog does not have restrictions on the length of contributions. There are also no requirements as to how often contributions can be made. Correspondents who use Bio-Rad products are particularly encouraged to give their feedback on the efficacy and effectiveness of those products on the blog.