About Us

Biotechnology is an important part field in modern life. Bio-Rad is one of the leading biotechnology companies in America. To advance the course of biotechnology,Bio-Rad has started a blog known as the American Biotechnologist 2.0.


The American Biotechnologist Blog 2.0 is an initiative of Bio-Rad Laboratories Limited. It has the objective of seeing the biotechnology industry in the US thrive. Consequently, the blog has adopted the strategy of bringing together biotechnologists at different levels of accomplishment to share their ideas and insights.

The range of those invited to become ABT correspondents starts from under graduate students to consummate professionals. This means that the blog brings into focus new ideas from fresh idealistic biotechnologists. The wanderings of their ideas can then be secured by the experience and knowledge of the older consummate professionals.

The biotechnologists who contribute to the blog are also invited to publicize the research activities in which they are engaged. Such exposure ensures that the other professionals who are engaged in similar or related activities expand their knowledge. It may lead to opportunities for collaboration. Ultimately such linkages may lead to more coordinated research leading to the achievement of a bigger goal than the one the original researcher had in mind.

Participating in this blog opens up job opportunities for biotechnologists. This is because employers in the field are able to link their needs and the interests of the bloggers. The blog can be contacted through the following address.

Bio-Rad Laboratories Ltd.
 2000 Alfred Nobel Drive
 Hercules, CA 94547
 Telex: 335-358
 Toll Free: 1-800-4-BIORAD

Fax: 510-741-5800